Use a Numerology Number Calculator to Get Life Plan Numbers

As the name implies, numerology involves the study of numbers. It allows practitioners to discover information and insights about themselves and the world around them in a way similar to how astrology works. Surprisingly few of today’s consumers are familiar with numerology, though, which is why this article lays out a few of the basics, making it easier for them to get started on the path toward learning more.

History of Numerology

Most experts believe that the practice of numerology was established in Egypt and Babylon, although it’s important to note that no one knows exactly how it came to be. Historical evidence allows contemporary numerologists to trace the history of this practice back to ancient Rome, China, Greece, and Japan as well. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras has also been credited with coming up with some interesting theories about numerology, taking its practice to a new level.

How it Works

The basic idea behind numerology is that practitioners’ lives are impacted by their birth dates, which can be used to find their life plan numbers. These numbers describe their personality traits and outline some of the opportunities and challenges they will face in their lives.

Every life path number is a little bit different. This number can be determined by adding up each number in a birthday, although it’s also possible to simply use a numerology number calculator as well. Once readers have determined their life plan numbers, they can begin to unlock secrets about their life paths and themselves.

What to Expect

The numbers that readers will receive through engaging with numerology will likely include positive and negative features alike, so it’s important that they not fixate on only the positive or only the negative. These numbers will also apply to different aspects of their lives, including their careers, health, and love lives.

Once these numbers have been determined, they can be used to determine individual strengths and weaknesses, understand overall life purpose, and overcome any obstacles that will likely come up over the course of a reader’s life. Keep in mind, though, that the life plan number is just one number that is relevant to the practice of numerology. Readers should also look into their core numbers and expression numbers, both of which can be determined using a numerology calculator.