A Closer Look at The Support Team in a Dental Office

A dental office doesn’t always start and end with the actual dentist. There are several people there who are helping the business flow smoothly including the first person you sign in with at the front desk. Whether you are just there for a cleaning or you have something stuck in your gums, you’ll probably encounter more than one person. Don’t forget to schedule your cleanings. So many of us have a fear of the dentist and tend to procrastinate when it comes to scheduling an appointment. When you think about it the dental experience breaks down into various stages of service. The dentist usually has a support team that consists of dental assistants, hygienists, and technicians.

Dental Assistants

Dental assistants are also considered dental nurses. They have a special training that differs from the other members of the team. The directly interact with the patient on a closer level. These assistants can be recognized as the person across from the dental operator handing off tools during a procedure. The assistant is there to help the dentist perform more efficiently whenever possible. The assistant is also who patients will speak to regarding oral hygiene advice, preparing for treatment, handling suction devices, instrument sterilization, dental impressions, as well as appointment scheduling.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is licensed and registered with a dental association. These individuals are usually equipped with an Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from an accredited school. Hygienists can work independently or with dentists and other staff on the dental team. They have the necessary training and education to know how to prevent and treat various oral diseases. One of the biggest roles of a dental hygienist is to complete periodontal therapy which involves charting, disease prevention. root planning and scaling, or maintenance steps for patients battling periodontal disease. Occasionally, you’ll find a dental hygienist that is licensed to perform local anesthesia as well as dental radiography.

Dental Technician

A dental lab technician is the member of the dental team responsible for providing custom-made restorative and dental appliances for customers who have a dental clinician prescription. These professionals specialize in four huge disciplines which are fixed, removable, and maxillofacial prosthesis, as well as orthodontics and auxiliaries. These disciplines include anything that goes in the mouth as teeth temporarily or permanently. The technician will coordinate with the dentist regarding any measurements, drawings or prescriptions regarding the patients. One of the main things to be used is the dental impression, which is how the initial dental cast is created. You can search online for any cosmetic dentist warren mi in your area.


As you can see a dentist office is full of specialized professionals who all must perform a role in making sure our smiles remain healthy and intact. Having a solid support staff is key to making sure things run smoothly and efficiently. Think about the other key players during your next dental appointment and make a note of how many different people you wind up meeting depending on your reason for visiting. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the dental assistant and hygienist immediately, but you can probably assume that your dentist is also in contact with his technician if he needs to be.