Fat burning workouts: a slimming exercise program

A healthy and beautiful body is not something that comes naturally to everyone, so most people have to work and put in a lot of effort to look the way they want and feel hardy and energetic. Someone lacks relief, someone wants to get rid of extra pounds that prevent them from being completely self-confident. The most proven and best way to lose weight is to burn fat cardio. Proper nutrition, of course, also gives an excellent result, but in combination with an optimal exercise program, the terms of losing weight will be reduced several times.

Fat burning workouts: a slimming exercise program

The effectiveness of this method is due to the fact that it is the most energy-consuming. Accordingly, the accumulated excess deposits simply will not be able to withstand such a struggle. Together with adequate eating habits and strong motivation, good results can be seen after a month of regular exercise, and well-being will improve in a few days. If you use a more gentle regimen, the period will increase to two or three months, but here it is important not to rush in order to achieve what you want.

What is cardio for weight loss and fat burning

Cardio load is an aerobic load on the body, which leads to an acceleration of the heart rate, an increase in heart rate and, as a result, an improvement in metabolism and getting rid of body fat. The main source of energy in such activities is oxygen, which saturates every cell of the body. The complex reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has a positive effect on tone and increases endurance. Many fitness instructors believe that the best way to get rid of extra inches in the waist and pounds is cardio in the weight loss gym. Usually, professionals recommend alternating them with strength exercises to maintain muscle tone.

To select the load correctly, it is necessary to calculate the best heart rate, at which fat burning is intensively accelerated. It is two-thirds of the maximum allowable. The calculation is made according to the formula: 220 – age. To determine the most optimal figure for a 25-year-old person, you need to subtract 25 from 220 and calculate 70% from this number. That is, 195 * 70% \u003d 136.5. Experts recommend exercising at this pace.

A fat burning cardio machine usually has a built-in heart rate monitor and various programs. This is very convenient because you do not need to purchase additional equipment. If it’s a treadmill, then the various modes allow you to choose comfortable conditions: the pace, the angle of inclination of the rotating belt, and even use the built-in fan, which brings the atmosphere closer to the street. The ellipse has a similar principle of operation – almost the entire body is involved in the work, simulating skiing, but in a more gentle manner. The arms are involved as much as possible, but the main focus is on the muscles of the legs.

What is cardio for weight loss and fat burning

There are a lot of cardio classes for weight loss, if you don’t like running, you can pick up another sport to your liking. After all, the main thing in this process is not only the result, but also the way to achieve the desired. If the load is a pleasure, then weight loss will not take long.

If you decide to take care of yourself in winter, then the most active form of exercise will be skiing, skating or snowboarding. Here it is important to pay attention to the equipment of the athlete. Stayer store offers you practical and wear-resistant, stylish suits – jackets, trousers with insulation and overalls that will look stylish on you, not allowing you to freeze even in the most severe frost.

Cardio exercises include:

  • jogging;
  • swimming;
  • fast and athletic walking;
  • skiing;
  • skating;
  • cycling and exercise bike;
  • rowing;
  • dancing;
  • aerobics;
  • jumping rope and so on.

Rules for weight loss and burning fat without exercise equipment

If there is a desire to lose weight, and there is no opportunity or time to sign up for a fitness club, then you can train on your own and not depend on the location of the gym, working hours and days off. You can choose any method you like or combine several for a change.

In order not to get injured and not harm your health, several basic conditions must be observed. They are very simple and will help you achieve your goal.

How to do cardio to burn fat:

Rules for weight loss and burning fat without exercise equipment
  • Watch your pulse. Without the use of simulators, as a rule, the load is not controlled and there is a risk of exceeding the allowable heart rate. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase a heart rate monitor or count the beats yourself by placing three fingers on an artery in your neck.
  • Regularity. It is better to practice for half an hour every day than once a month, but for a long time. It is necessary to allocate time specifically – in the morning or in the evening, otherwise it may not be enough for yourself.Cardio training should always begin with a warm-up. Without preheating, this process will not only be inefficient and useless, but even then there is a serious risk of injury. Cardio warm-up for fat burning consists of basic exercises for the neck, arms, legs and hips, with the help of which the muscles are warmed up.
  • Graduality. If you have not practiced physical activity for a long time and decided to lose weight abruptly, you should increase the pace in stages, starting with small ten-fifteen-minute workouts.
  • Choose quality clothes and shoes. Cheap hard-soled sneakers, especially with the wrong running technique, can easily cause injury. Uncomfortable sports pants will cause discomfort and turn a run into a real torture. For winter activities, you can use comfortable equipment from the Stayer brand. It allows air to pass through the natural ventilation of the fabric, but retains heat and repels moisture.
  • If the body mass index is significantly higher than normal and there are any cardiovascular diseases or joint defects, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

For some people, cardio loads will not only not help you get what you want, but will also bring irreparable harm to health.

A trainer can create a cardio program for weight loss, or you can do it yourself, guided by these rules.

Workout at home

A cardio training program for weight loss in the gym can be limited to only an ellipse or a treadmill. But sometimes you want to do it yourself, and the weather outside does not allow you to go for a run. In such cases, you can train in the apartment, using special cardio exercises. Even on the parquet, they should be performed in sports shoes so as not to damage the joints and not get injured. It is best to turn on the music to ensure that you are in a fighting mood. You can find videos with an instructor or pick up different movements yourself. Below are several ways that you can alternate or combine.

Workout at home

Plan an effective cardio training program for weight loss

  • Running and jumping in place. You can use various techniques – classic, deep squat, high knees, shallow, cyclic, and so on.
  • Step aerobics. The use of a special step has long proven its effectiveness. You can take any complexes as a basis, or you can simply simulate the ascent and descent, like climbing a ladder – both options are equally good and allow you to achieve the desired result.
  • Interval training. This type is well suited for beginners, as it helps to gradually enter the working rhythm. It consists in a combination of intensive load with rest. For example, 30 seconds of jumping – 10 rest – half a minute of running in place and so on. This method improves cardio productivity and helps you burn more calories.
  • Pulling knees and lunges. It is better to perform them at an average pace and smoothly to avoid injury. You can gradually increase the pace.
  • Punches and kicks, as in kickboxing. They need to be performed from the starting position – the boxer’s stance. The knees should be slightly bent and relaxed, palms in front of the face, clenched into fists. Mahi is proposed to be combined, that is, to beat in turn.
  • Burpee. This famous exercise is quite simple in technique: sit in a wide squat, make a bar from this position, then go to the lying position, touching the floor with your body, return to the squat and jump out of it. It should be performed with the highest possible speed and intensity.
Plan an effective cardio training program for weight loss

Results of cardio training

With regular aerobic exercise, and especially in combination with proper nutrition with a calorie deficit, the fruits of the effort will not be long in coming. If you practice daily for 40-60 minutes, the first reduction in volume will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks. It should be borne in mind that the less excess weight, the slower it goes away. Therefore, if you need to lose only 5 kilograms and you do not notice a strong effect during the first month of training, you should not give up training and be disappointed in the inefficiency of the method. Yes, and a quick disposal of excess deposits usually ends with the same rapid re-set. The main condition is not to stop practicing and you will definitely achieve your goal.


Cardio for weight loss is not suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases, especially hypertension, since the main burden is on the heart. Also, aerobic exercise is not recommended for people who have had a heart attack or stroke.

Do not forget about joint problems, varicose veins and asthma. After recent injuries, you should also not lean on such training, there is a possibility of re-injury. It is necessary to be careful if excess weight greatly exceeds the norm – this can provoke various health problems.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to engage only in special programs for expectant mothers, and it is best to do exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

If during the run you suddenly feel bad, dizzy, pulse exceeded the upper limit, chest, muscle or joint pains appear, it becomes difficult to breathe – you need to immediately stop training and consult a doctor. Perhaps you just overworked, and these symptoms appeared due to excessive workload. But there are situations when cardio training is contraindicated for individual reasons.

Become slim with pleasure and safely for health!