The Impact of Time and Lifestyle on Our Smiles

Everyone appreciates a great smile. We love to smile, and we love having it returned in kind even more. It’s often easy to forget that our smiles aren’t just a creation of our emotions. It often feels so natural that we don’t give our smiles much thought. We just experience something joyous and a smile naturally springs up on our face.

But if a smile is important, then understanding it is just as vital to our lives. After all, if something’s important than we need to protect it. And protecting our smile means looking into all the dangers our teeth face on a day to day basis. The idea of constant dangers to our teeth might seem a bit hyperbolic at first. But one can understand this better by really considering the teeth of elderly acquaintances.

It’s pretty common for older people to have missing teeth, significant discoloration, or even serious medical issues as a result of oral infections. We often assume these issues are just a natural part of the aging process. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s true that age plays some role in all of the previously mentioned dental issues. But it’s only in the sense that more time in the world means greater exposure to a host of threats to one’s teeth. Likewise, constant minor problems can eventually build up to something more serious.

Take coffee and tea for example. Most people have a taste for one of these two beverages. Many even like to sample from both on occasion. But each of them has a tendency to stain our teeth little by little. It’s not something serious enough to show up after a drink or two. Even a few hundred cups of coffee usually won’t make much notable impact. But it doesn’t take very long for someone’s intake to grow into thousands or tens of thousands of cups. Likewise, we all skip brushing our teeth now and then. But the damage which comes about as a result can become quite significant over the course of years or decades.

Thankfully modern dentistry provides more options than were available in the past. Teeth cleaning is usually a viable option for minor discoloration. And more severe damage can often be corrected for through the use of implants. While this is a more involved procedure than teeth whitening, it’s also able to provide more benefits. To understand this process, we should consider the example of someone that wants some dental implants sarasota fl.

When they talk to the dentist, they are able to confirm that implants are an option. And likewise, the dentist can confirm that their gums and the surrounding tissue is healthy and strong enough to support the procedure. And this is generally how someone should approach the issue. One shouldn’t stress too much over minor threats to his or her teeth. But at the same time, when a problem does arise it’s best to get a professional opinion. This ensures that everything can get fixed up before the problem escalates.