The Podiatrist – Foot and Ankle Specialist

A health care professional that major on foot and ankle is called a podiatrist. The primary role of a podiatrist is to offer prevention, diagnosis and treatment for foot related issues. Some of these issues includes fractures, sprains, bunions (big toe joints misalignment that later on become swollen and tender), spur or heel pain (the thickening and inflammation that usually occurs on the bottom off the foot), corns, warts, calluses, neuroma (nerve enlargement usually between the third and the fourth toes), and various other related issues.

Foot and Ankle Specialist Qualifications 

To become a podiatrist (foot and ankle specialist), the specialist must first of all complete a four years bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. After this, he then needs to proceed and join a Podiatrist Medical School which offers Doctorate Degree on Podiatry. After attaining a doctorate, one needs to go through a hospital-based residency program that goes for two to three years. This process helps to determine whether the individual is qualified to be a full-time podiatrist. After the 2 to 3 years course, the individual is required to have a full medical and surgical privileges for foot and other related issues. However, there are fixed variations from one state to the other. Foot and ankle specialist treats a wide variety of people ranging from children to grownups, from couch potatoes and much more. Foot and ankle specialist Elmhurst IL are the best and highly recognized podiatrists.

Podiatrists fall in various categories such as pediatric foot care, diabetic foot care, wound care, biomechanics as well as surgery. Most diabetic patients usually end up in podiatry hospitals for the mere fact that the future diabetes effects are ulcerations and peripheral neuropathy which incorporates feet. The foot and ankle specialist implements the latest and most advanced wound machines to heal as well as help patients with wounds on their feet which may cause prevalent infections. Dressings and ointments are usually applied to the wounded foot.

Besides foot and ankle specialist are the best consultants for pediatric patients who encounter issues in toe walking. Podiatrists major on the foot and ankle in conjunction with biomechanics which is recognized as bizarre foot function that may result in pain due to heel pain, tendonitis, in conjunction to many others. A podiatrist can highly contribute towards reducing these patients’ foot issues and deformities. A podiatrist s finally accredited to carry out surgery. Foot surgery varies from simple ingrown toenails to bunions, and correction of hammertoe (toe is bent in the shape of a claw) all through to amputations of the affected parts of the foot.

Contrary to other medical specialists, foot and ankle specialist must have excellent knowledge about surgery, dermatology, radiology, pharmacology, as well as neurology for the mere fact that these specialization are somehow related the foot and the ankle. Besides, they also treat fractures, tumors, skin and nail diseases as well as ulcers. They compose their prescriptions, read their patients X-Rays, as well as perform their surgeries. Besides, they give therapy prescriptions and carry out various diagnostic procedures such as laboratory examinations and ultrasound.