The role of fat burners in sports nutrition

Magic pills for weight loss – this is the dream of many. And I must say, this dream, albeit not in full, has become a reality. Hundreds of supplements, which have become an integral part of sports nutrition, promise us weight loss through fat burning. Should we believe such assurances of manufacturers? We asked our experts about this.

In pursuit of an athletic body and the absence of fat, any means are good. But losing weight housewives and fashionistas who look after their appearance think so. For athletes, not all means are important, but only their safe and effective representatives.

The role of fat burners in sports nutrition

Along with a large number of sports nutrition, shakes and supplements to increase the effectiveness of training and muscle mass, thermogenics are the most sold type of nutrition. They are also fat burners.

The high popularity of fat burners is due not only to the work of advertising. Once inside the body, thermogenics activate certain processes that lead to weight loss. Due to the complex composition, fat burners are able to approach the problem of excess body fat “from all sides.”

Composition of fat burners

  • Diuretics that remove excess moisture from the body;
  • Substances that increase body temperature and activate metabolism;
  • Appetite suppressant mixtures;
  • Substances that get rid of fat.

In high-quality and safe fat-burning substances, all components of plant or natural origin. For example, green tea extract or mate is used to raise the temperature. The effect of suppressing appetite is achieved by adding coffee or sinulin to the composition.

The predominance of a certain component over others determines the type of fat burner. Among the variety of these mixtures, athletes, bodybuilders and bodybuilders most often resort to thermogenics and lipotropic drugs. The former achieve the effect of removing fat by increasing body temperature to +38 degrees. As the temperature rises, the internal energy of the body is intensively consumed and calories are burned. Additionally, thermogenics affect the thyroid gland, provoking the production of hormones that affect the breakdown of fats.

Lipotropic drugs, in turn, act as a kind of assistant for the liver in the processing of fats.

The use of fat-burning substances in sports nutrition requires a strict plan and prior consultation with a sports doctor. Many of the substances that make up the composition react quite actively with the fluids of the human body, which can adversely affect its general condition. Below are a few rules that can save your body from discomfort during the reception.

Who Should Take Fat Burners?

In principle, people who are professionally involved in sports are not recommended to indulge in fat burners in sports nutrition. “I myself do not use such supplements even when preparing for professional bodybuilding competitions,” says Katya Tsvetova. – And for people who want to lose weight and are at a stage when healthy habits are just beginning to form, no fat burners are required at all. They will be able to lose weight without additional stimulants by reducing calories and improving the quality of the diet, as well as adding physical activity.”

But if such drugs are produced and recommended by sports doctors, then they can still benefit someone. First of all, those who consistently lose weight for a long time and suddenly encountered a plateau effect when weight loss stopped. In this case, for weight loss, fat burners for women and men will play an important role – they will restart the process of losing weight.

Who Should Take Fat Burners?

Also, fat burners for weight loss for women and men are recommended to be connected if they have been training hard in the gym for a long time. So it will be possible to stimulate the central nervous system tired of stress. In any case, before purchasing this or that supplement, you should consult your doctor.

Rules for taking fat burners

  • Do not use fat burners and caffeinated products at the same time. This increases the dose of caffeine in the blood, which results in headaches and destabilization of pressure;
  • Keep track of your daily calorie intake.
  • Thermogenic should be taken in the morning in combination with amino acids that keep muscles from destruction;
  • Lipotropic substances are best taken in the morning or before training no more than 1-2 times a day.
  • Fat burners should be taken in a course of 2-3 weeks, and then give the body a “rest” for 7 days.

Fat burners – lipotropics

To tell the truth, these drugs can be attributed to fat burners for women and men very conditionally. By themselves, lipotropics do not stimulate the breakdown of fat, they only deliver fat molecules to the muscles, where they are used as fuel. This group includes supplements with L-carnitine, an amino acid recommended by trainers and sports doctors.

Obviously, it is necessary to combine the intake of fat burners for women and men with this active ingredient and sports. After all, the burning of fat in the muscles occurs only during their work. By the way, taking L-carnitine increases endurance during training and significantly increases the supply of oxygen to cells.

Fat burners - lipotropics

This drug is safe for humans and its excess is easily excreted from the body, but you need to carefully read the instructions for any supplements and take them strictly according to the scheme written there, in no case exceeding the dosage.

Fat burners – thermogenics

The composition of these fat burners for women and men includes components that to some extent speed up the metabolism, warm up the body from the inside, artificially raising its temperature. The active substances that are part of thermogenics normalize peripheral blood circulation, improve microcirculation and lymph flow in tissues. It is thanks to this that all metabolic processes are accelerated.

All thermogenics can be attributed to the best fat burners, given how appropriate in principle to give such an assessment to auxiliary drugs. They increase efficiency, stimulate the nervous system and suppress appetite. You can still include these fat burners in sports nutrition, but only for those people who train a lot and for a long time.

Fat burners - thermogenics

By the way, thermogenics are by no means “chemistry”, as many people think. The composition of these fat burners for women and men includes substances of natural plant origin. The most popular in Russia are drugs based on the following substances:

  • caffeine;
  • green tea extract;
  • synephrine;

You need to understand that fat burners for weight loss are by no means a panacea for men and women, just like any other sports supplements. This is just an addition to regular exercise and proper nutrition. Any effective and approved drugs for burning fat only work with high energy expenditure and reduced calorie intake.