Tips For Choosing The Best Fillings For Your Teeth

When you need to have your teeth repaired because of damage, sensitivity, or cavities, it is necessary to understand your options about fillings and the materials they consist of. There are basically two types of materials used for fillings. The traditional method, called Amalgam, consists of using a mixture of heavy metals such as mercury, silver, tin, and copper. However, a newer method has been introduced that uses what is known as composite resin.

Traditional fillings have left many people with sensitive teeth, because the metals utilized allow electrical currents to pass through our teeth. It has also been shown that with traditional fillings tooth decay continues beneath the filling. This means over time you will still suffer from the same dental issue you attempted to correct. Even still, these fillings are still quite popular because of their affordability as well as how durable they are.

Composite resin differs regarding the materials that are utilized. When you opt for metal-free fillings you have the bonus of having your filling match your teeth. These fillings are achieved by removing the decaying portion of the tooth, etching the tooth in gel, and then adding a bonding agent. Once the tooth is prepared, composite resin is added one layer at a time. After the tooth has been cured, it is trimmed and polished to leave you with a more natural tooth that does not allow electrical currents to pass through. These fillings are free of heavy metals and BPA; therefore, they are less harmful to your health.

If you are considering getting any dental restoration work done, then it is wise to completely understand your options. There are many dentists that specialize in an metal free fillings league city tx that can help you restore your smile. There is no need to suffer from tooth pain, headaches, or health conditions from metal fillings that consist of poisonous metals. Just make sure you are working with a dentist that is familiar with composite resin fillings to ensure you get the quality work you are looking for. There is even the possibility to have metal fillings removed and replaced with composite resin if you so desire.

With the help of a qualified dentist you will have the smile you have always wanted. You will no longer feel the need to conceal your mouth when you laugh to hide your metal feelings, and you will notice your teeth are not as sensitive as when you had metal fillings. There is no need to hesitate if you suffer from dental issues; especially when there are so many qualified dentists waiting to help you have a healthy and happy smile you have always dreamed of. Once you repair your teeth you will enjoy the ability to eat or drink things that were once too hot or too cold. Just make sure you are cautious with hard foods to ensure you do not chip or damage your fillings, and you will easily maintain your beautiful smile for years to come.